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Importing data from Time Management software

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Actpay can import time management data if formatted correctly. This feature has been tested with Checktime and Fingertec. Data can also be imported if formatted correctly.

To import data, Go to Import Data and load XLS File.

The data will appear as shown below. 

Click Import Time Management Data.

Data will now be updated in the monthly screen. Please note Employee number must be correct. This function will just import data and overwrite the fields as shown below.

Compare data for Employee No. 1011 with monthly screen below.

Note that imported data does not affect any calculations and will overwrite any data entered earlier. Click Calc Payslip to calculate.

In addition to time data, 2 extra fields are included for Allowance and Deduction at the end of the row.

This data will be imported into the last allowance and deduction respectively as shown below.

Download here : Excel template file